Hi, I’m Vince.

I’ve been privileged as a Liverpool fan to witness Steven Gerrard’s incredible tenure at the club.

Besides Liverpool, I hold a keen interest in all things English Premier League, and have a particular soft spot for Swansea. I enjoy thinking and writing about football as an industry and its potential on the business, technological and developmental aspects. I also pay attention and write on teams like Manchester City, Tottenham, Chelsea, Arsenal, and the English and Spanish national football teams.

I’m a Featured Columnist on Liverpool and the English Premier League on Bleacher Report, and I contribute two regular columns on SoccerWithoutLimits – the English Football Weekly Wrap, and Soccernomics. I’ll syndicate most of my articles with them on this blog.

Raised in Hong Kong, educated in the US (now back in Hong Kong full-time), and a copious reader of British football news, I have a writing style, when it comes to football/soccer journalism, that marries all of the above influences. It’ll grow on you, I promise.

You can find me on Twitter @vincetalksfooty, where I update regularly with football-related news and opinions on the fly.


3 thoughts on “About”

  1. I’m a Liverpool fan fm Malaysia & hv been thru & thru all my life. I’d like to voice out my thoughts on the players we hv & the positions we need fill.
    1. Goalkeeper
    I do think Reina hv been out of sorts, to be exact worse lately. Even when he was being labelled as one of the best GK with 3 ‘golden gloves’ to his credit, I’ve always doubt his ability when it comes to reading of the games & when dealing with cross balls, tho I’ve to admit he’s a stopper but then again to be among the best, a complete package is required. It’s high time that Doni or Jones be given a chance to prove themselves for my opinion is that they’re slightly better than Reina.

    2. Central Defence
    Put Carra aside as he’s a downhill case., with due respect but for his age, and lack of speed & stamina seems to be more & more obvious. To me, Skrtel hv never been a LFC material since day 1 for he lacks the quality of a good defender. He’s not that fast, his ball control hv never been outstanding, his tackles hv always been a suspect, his reading of the game is poor & his clearance of the ball hv never ever impressed me with uncalculated banging just for the sake of getting the ball out of the box.

    3. Striker
    Tho we hv a very skillfull player in Suarez, we still lacks the finishing part.

    Hence, as I’ve mentioned in a few blogs in ‘The Kop’, I really hope that we could bring in at least 3 very good players if not world class, 1 central defender, 1 attacking/central midfieleder & 1 striker to complement the players we already have.


  2. I really enjoy your articles, particularly the ones where you do “X things we learned from….”. Keep up the good work!

  3. Hey Vince – I’ve got a story you might want to cover for Bleacher Report. Its about a bunch of sports stars backing a London video startup. Could you possibly send me your email address? I’m toby@twpr.co

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