LIVE! Liverpool v Tottenham (Feb 6, 2012) on The Red Armchair

This marks my first attempt at hosting a public live chat: I gave it a few tries on the more private domain of Facebook, and now, providing that this turns out well, I’ll be hosting live commentaries on select Liverpool games on The Red Armchair.

Stay tuned for tonight’s coverage on TRA.

CLICK HERE for LIVE COMMENTARY on Liverpool v Tottenham –




4 thoughts on “LIVE! Liverpool v Tottenham (Feb 6, 2012) on The Red Armchair”

  1. well done on the first live commentary, I only found it late so missed most of it but was great full for another commentary to the option. Keep it up and i look forward to getting my new broadband connection to watch along and have some banter. Well done!

    1. countries, people in China are fancisated and confused by the sudden riots on the street of London. My comments on the breakout of the violence have been translated into English by Global Voice (although they

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