Relaunching as

My last post was almost a year ago, just as the 2012/13 season started. Soon after, work and personal commitments took over, I just didn’t have the capacity to write Liverpool-specific pieces exclusively for

But that doesn’t mean I’ve stopped writing in general.

In fact, in the year that’s passed, I’ve written – and learned – more than ever before on Liverpool and the English Premier League in general, and expanded my writing interests to cover teams like Manchester City, Tottenham, Arsenal and Chelsea. I’ve also taken a keen liking to Swansea and everything that goes on at the Liberty Stadium. Last but not least – I’ve become enamored with football as an industry with all its exciting potential in business, technology and grassroots development.

So naturally, – a Liverpool-specific site – became just a tad too narrow for my interests and opinions.

A year on, I’m relaunching this blog as, where I’ll be covering much more than just Liverpool.

I’ll be syndicating my articles from Bleacher Report and columns at – all of which cover multiple topics in football – and if I have the time, I’ll also post a few updates and rambles. There will be pieces on how my Fantasy squad is doing, for sure, and a few Fantasy tips as well.

It’s an exciting year ahead – and I hope the site relaunch is just the beginning.


Thanks as always for the support.   -Vince


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